Editorial: Farm-to-school is important in a state where every child thrives

Making sure students have access to healthy, fresh food, as locally grown as possible, has been one of the best things to happen to our schools in the last 20 years.

Kids learn better when they eat well. It helps them focus and absorb, think and deal with the challenges of learning. Why Gov. Scott Walker would cut funding for Wisconsin’s Farm to School program in his proposed executive budget is beyond us.

In particular, eliminating the state’s farm-to-school coordinator position not only hurts kids, it hurts Wisconsin farmers and the state agricultural economy. Wisconsin was a little slow to join the growing national and global farm-to-school movement, but the program had been growing.

Budget cutting at the expense of such an important investment as the health of our kids is short-sighted at best. We trust wiser heads in the Legislature will prevail. Please.