Editorial: Farm aid prompts bipartisanship


MADISON, Wis. — We simply cannot pass up an opportunity to applaud genuine bipartisanship at any level of government these days, it is so rare.

So, while not exactly agreement, the State Assembly Republican counter offer to Governor Tony Evers plan to help struggling dairy farmers is welcome and appreciated. So was Governor Evers response to the GOP proposals suggesting the possibility of collaboration seldom seen in the Capitol recently.

You’d think supporting farmers who need help would be an easy issue to agree on. But nothing is easy, so we’re relieved both parties are willing to consider a number of ideas and spending plans. Contrast that with the juvenile and inappropriate grandstanding and attention-seeking behavior of Congress at Tuesdays State of the Union address. Speaker Nancy Pelosi looked absolutely petulant ripping up her copy of the speech. Thanks to State Assembly Republicans and Governor Evers for reminding us that responsible governing is still possible.