Editorial: Farewell from a friend

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — It feels especially fitting that the last editorial agenda of my career as Editorial Director for WISC is Shared Concerns.

That’s really what our editorials have been about for the last 28 years, the values we share and things we all care about. The work of citizens in a democracy begins with naming and framing shared concerns. In this final editorial I urge you to continue to do that work together.

This is an extraordinary city in an extraordinary region, with extraordinary people. And every person, Republican and Democrat, urban and rural, Black, brown and white, straight and gay and other, young and old, cares about their families, their health and their well-being. They want their lives to have meaning. They want to feel hope and joy. And they want to love and be loved.

I truly believe that here in Madison there is nothing we can’t do and there is no inequity we cannot right. Be kind to each other. Respect and care about each other. Listen and think, dream and do.

Thank you for 28 years of listening to these editorials, thinking, dreaming and doing.