Editorial: Face covering is a cool thing to do

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MADISON, Wis. — I suspect this is the first of a number of editorials we will be doing on the issue of wearing a mask when we are out in public.

It is surely a sign of the incivility of the times that something as smart, courteous and innocuous when you think about it, as wearing a mask could be a point of contention in a community, a state, a nation.

First of all why would anyone object to someone else wearing a mask? That’s just rude. But more difficult is the importance of wearing a mask whether you want to or not. The vast majority of public health experts consider face coverings an important element of limiting the spread of the virus. And while some may wear a mask for a personal sense of protection, most do it because they want to protect others. That’s generous and kind. Maybe mask-wearing can be cool. But let’s be cool about wearing them.