Editorial: Equal opportunity is a shared concern that too many people feel like they don’t have

Editorial Agenda 2020 Shared Concerns Equal Opportunity

MADISON, Wis. — We start by acknowledging that equal and opportunity are loaded words. But they are also perfect in their simplicity.

Everyone wants a fair shake and the same chance to pursue health, prosperity and happiness as any and every one else. Equal opportunity is a shared concern and too many people feel like they don’t have it in this world today.

Like every issue on our agenda this year equal opportunity is intentionally broad is scope. It embraces pursuit of learning, employment and justice. It includes accessibility for people of different abilities and with disabilities. Income inequity is a major barrier to equal opportunities. So is geography – where we live – in many cases. Dishonest politicians have reduced equal opportunities for citizens who vote. And of course we have to acknowledge our prejudices and biases of privilege enjoyed by the increasingly few.

We are going to highlight equity issues wherever we find them. Tomorrow our final shared concern, the environment.