Editorial: Equal footing for Edgewood is needed

MADISON, Wis. – We’re hoping the Madison City Council will scrap the master plan for the three Edgewood schools on the Monroe Street campus, and we’re hoping Edgewood High School will continue to work with the neighborhood on holding sports events on its field.

We continue to look for a compromise that will allow Edgewood to make improvements to its existing field and play more games there with as little disruption to the neighborhood as possible. But that’s secondary to the immediate issue which is treating Edgewood like every other high school in the city. That isn’t happening under the existing master plan and that’s not fair. The plan doesn’t work for all Edgewood schools with all three needing to jump through hoops when any one of them needs to make changes.

Any decisions on field improvements and games played need to be decided on their merits. But getting rid of the master plan is a necessary first step and we hope the Madison City Council takes it.