Editorial: Employing Americans with disabilities

Editorial: Employing Americans with disabilities

Last month, December, marked the 21st consecutive month of continual job gains for people with disabilities.

For those of us who have advocated for more inclusive hiring for decades, now this is extraordinary news.

For far too long willing workers with disabilities were under-utilized in the American workforce for reasons of stigma and a lack of employer knowledge and understanding. Employers were missing out on talented, committed workers. People with disabilities were being denied an opportunity to contribute and live a fuller life. That is clearly changing.

This is not all enlightenment to be sure.

There is an ongoing shortage of workers in this country and employers are to some degree being forced to expand their recruitment efforts. But this string of monthly gains is going to have a ripple effect that will benefit businesses and the economy and more and more employers are going to recognize what an overlooked and potentially powerful population Americans with disabilities represent.

Editorial: Employing Americans with disabilities