Editorial: Embracing a more diverse U.S.

Editorial: Embracing a more diverse U.S.
Photo by Nikki Hansen
Neil Heinen

The United States population is getting older and more diverse, and the faster we recognize that, accept it, or even, heaven forbid, celebrate it, the better we will be as a nation.

By next year, no single race group alone will make up more than half of U.S. children. In 40 years, non-Hispanic whites will no longer be a majority of the population. And we are aging even faster. The number of people older than 65 will exceed the number of children in 15 years.

But here is perhaps the most important statistic to help us understand our future: The fastest growing population group in the U.S. will be people who identify as two or more races.

Our country has always been a country of constant change. It is one of our greatest strengths. Becoming older and less white is simply more change. Becoming more diverse makes us stronger.

Editorial: Embracing a more diverse U.S.

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