Editorial: Eating And Meeting

Food deserts plus great food carts.
Editorial: Eating And Meeting



It’s always fascinated us how every once in a while – and he’s been doing this for decades – Mayor Paul Soglin will combine disparate elements in the city and create a work of genius. And he just did it again with Madison Meet & Eat.

In the Soglin brain he saw food deserts – neighborhoods with few healthy food options – a city asset in a wealth of really good food carts, and a need to strengthen some neighborhoods, and came up with the idea of having some of those food carts set up in one of those neighborhoods and inviting folks to come and eat together. Meet and eat. He picked the Meadowood Shopping Center and four Thursday nights and the next one is this Thursday. Last week’s opener was great, at least ten carts, cops on horseback, and lots of people hanging out on a warn summer night talking and eating really good food. What a great idea.