Editorial: Drought Relief

Be aware of available resources.
Editorial: Drought Relief



Governor Walker has declared a drought emergency, and County Executive Parisi says he now fears the record dry conditions pose “a grave threat to the vitality of our county’s robust agricultural community.” This is serious stuff and we want any farmers in our viewing area to be aware of any resources available to help them through this. And as far as any of us can tell there’s no relief in sight.

The state declaration can speed up the permit process for farmers who want to use streams or lakes for irrigation pending DNR approval. Parisi is directing Land and Water Resources department staff to meet with U.S. Farm Service staff and is urging farmers to contact the Dane County UW Extension. Farmers should also file a report with the U.S. Farm Service folks as that will help with any request for disaster relief from the U.S. Agriculture Department.

Spread the word. Soon – if not now – our farmers will need all the help they can get.