Editorial: Don’t Rush Voter ID Review

Let appeal process proceed as it will.
Editorial: Don’t Rush Voter ID Review



We appreciate Wisconsin Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen’s commitment to enforcing state laws. But his request that the state Supreme Court act to reinstate the state’s voter identification law before the November election seems overly zealous to us. Yes, the Republican legislature passed the flawed bill and the Republican governor signed it. In other words it is the law. But two lower courts have already ruled in favor of challenges to the law and Van Hollen’s desire to speed up the judicial review process smacks of the very politics that were in play during its consideration to begin with.

The Supreme Court has already refused to take up the two cases before appeals courts rule. It’s not unreasonable to think the appeals court might agree with the apparent unconstitutionality of the law. In any event changing the rules again so close to the election is unfair. We trust the Supreme Court will agree and let the appeals process run its course.