Editorial: Do not give up on public market

Madison Public Market updates location plan
Courtesy of Dan Kennelly
A conceptual rendering of the planned Madison Public Market, which will be located in the City Fleet Services Building (which plans to relocate in 2020).

MADISON, Wis. — We were dismayed to hear Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway is even considering delaying, or worse yet, killing the development of the Madison Public Market.

Sure, the pandemic has had a seismic impact on all public budgets and adjustments will be needed. But not this project and not now.

There are two essential elements of the public market project that must be emphasized. First the food sector is a critical strategic component of the greater Madison region’s economy moving forward. And second, the market’s design and operation embody exactly the kind of equity, diversity and inclusion our community requires.

Just look around and you see all the private development continuing. The modest city investment, use of TIF, and fundraising success of the Madison Public Market Foundation would seem to warrant equal optimism for the market project.

Now is not the time to bail on this important and hopeful vision of post-pandemic Madison.