Editorial: Dems Cut Off Their Nose

Silly politics instead of responsible governing.
Editorial: Dems Cut Off Their Nose



The old saying “cutting off your nose to spite your face,” is what went through our minds as we read the news about Senate Democrats obviously punishing Janesville senator Tim Cullen for not toeing the party line. The Republican and Democratic caucuses in the legislature are apparently taking turns embarrassing themselves and this week it’s the Democrats turn.

We want to be as clear about this as we can. State politics right now is run by strategists and staff and the goal is power and money. It’s professional politics and citizens – regardless of party – do not matter. Democrats do not care about the citizens of Janesville. Neither party will tolerate independent thinking or any attempt at bipartisanship. The only real answer is electing better people. More people like Tim Cullen as far as we’re concerned. In the meantime don’t expect to see anything approaching responsible public service or leadership.