Editorial: Dealing with the unexpected

Editorial: Schools of hope

MADISON, Wis. — First of all, our respect for those of you who went to the polls Tuesday.

Choosing to risk your health to exercise your rights and freedom had to have been a terribly hard decision. We should never have been put in this position. Let’s remember that in November. But for now, no judgement. We respect your decision.

As we are learning daily, living through a pandemic requires dealing with the unexpected; as individuals whether or not to vote. As a community, accepting the withdrawal of the recently hired Madison school superintendent just two months before he was to start his new job. Again, no judgements. These are tough times for everybody.

As we will call out those who are making our problems worse, so too will we recognize the resilience and heart of our fellow citizens in the community and in this country. We have more shared concerns than we realize and we will get through this together.