Editorial: Deadly Heat

Looking out for each other.
Editorial: Deadly Heat



We thought we were almost clear of addressing the heat editorially with the prospect of lower temperatures and humidity this weekend. But today forced our hand. The historically high temperatures look to have now caused several deaths, perhaps more, and we need to do what we can to support public awareness to save lives.

Madison and other municipalities are doing their parts with the availability of cooling centers where folks can go for some relief from the heat. This is an essential service and we support it. But really this is as much about personal responsibility and caring about each other as anything. We simply must be aware of family, friends and especially folks in the neighborhood who might not have others to look out for them. Take the time to check on anyone you suspect might need some help. This is beyond uncomfortable now. This is deadly heat. We all need to step up to make sure every one is at least safe.