Editorial: Dangerous Driving

We're just not paying attention.
Editorial: Dangerous Driving



It’s too soon to say the tragic deaths of two bicyclists in car crashes in Dane County in the last week constitute some kind of trend. But combined with the news that 2012 is shaping up to be the worst year for motorcycle fatalities in two decades, and the fact that not too long ago we were taking about the number of pedestrians being hit by cars, you have to admit that a lot of us are just being stupid. We’re not paying attention, we’re driving and biking and walking while distracted or worse and we’re killing ourselves and each other.

Again, we don’t know yet how much of this is related to any particular cause. But we’ve all had the experience of seeing driver after driver talking on the cell phone, eating, wearing ear buds, everything put paying attention to what they’re really doing. I’ve come to just assume the drivers around me are on the phone. And that is an unnerving thought. We’ll stop, when someone close to us is the one killed. But does it really need to come to that?