Editorial: Dane County To “Make, Do”

Next steps for arts planning.
Editorial: Dane County To “Make, Do”



Well THAT was certainly fast. Yesterday we asked our community’s leaders to finally take action after yet another study showing the huge impact of the arts on the local economy, and today Dane County Executive Joe Parisi does just that.

The Dane County Department of Planning has announced a new initiative called “Make, Do” that will help artists find the spaces they need to paint, rehearse, create, perform and more. We’ve got vacant or under-used commercial, retail and industrial space, and workspace was identified as the top need in the recent city Cultural Plan. If there’s a better example of leveraging the economic reach of the arts we’re hard pressed to think of it.

The first phase of this initiative is an online survey for artists, property owners and municipalities. It’s at www.countyofdane.com. This is a great start. Let’s see more.