Editorial: DAIS – Ending The Silence, Going Public

New shelter needed physically and symbolically.
Editorial: DAIS – Ending The Silence, Going Public



The official kickoff of the Capital Campaign to build a new emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence in Dane County was so laden with symbolism it was incredible. The first ever public location of the shelter will actually enhance security, the first concern. But it is also a powerful message about going public and ending silence about domestic abuse that will touch the lives of one in four women in Dane County.

The new building will replace an overcrowded, worn facility and provide additional comfort, amenities and a sense of safety so needed by victims. It should also help this community take ownership of this issue and some responsibility for taking care of victims and working to end the abuse once and for all. The first step is helping raise the nearly five Million dollars still needed to open the doors. We’ll have more to say about that. But for now the campaign is underway and there’s nothing silent about any of it any more.