Editorial: Creating the policing of the future

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — There is not a police department in America better positioned to create the policing of the future as the Madison Police Department.

For decades now MPD has been a model of community policing, service and what an inclusive police department looks like. It is now in a position to lead the nation in community collaboration, transparency and responsiveness.

We expect MPD to embrace the new Civilian Oversight Board and independent monitor as an opportunity to be even better than it is, to continue to earn the trust of every citizen and make Madison safer and more just and fair. Madison cops are good, smart, caring people who understand that abuse of power is not to be tolerated, that law enforcement is necessary and noble work and who accept the challenges that entails.

A lot of hard work’s been done. There’s much more to come. This is a beginning and a necessary response to where and who we are.