Editorial: Creating the new, necessary for a better world

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — There is no new normal and there never will be. And the sooner we can let go of the notion the sooner we can get on with creating the new and necessary.

We are clinging to now obsolete concepts of human health, human behavior, of the world and how it functions. We’re stuck on old concepts of government, education, commerce and law enforcement and safety. And that is interfering with the necessary work of survival, adaptation and innovation.

We have to reorient our thinking. First do whatever is necessary to ensure every human being still alive today stays that way. Guarantee the necessities of life and don’t worry about who pays for them. Treat every other human with love and compassion. Protect public safety smartly and responsibly. And accept and accommodate new concepts of education, business, civic life and what it means to be close to each other.

A new normal world is not possible. A new better world is.