Editorial: Creating meaningful change

Editorial: Creating meaningful change

As many are undoubtedly aware, it is annual campaign time for some of our most important nonprofits, especially umbrella organizations such as United Way and Community Shares. That includes the State, University and UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County to whom we give a special shoutout today.

We’re used to thanking the many thousands of state workers for their annual generosity, contributing roughly two and a half million dollars a year to more than 500 charities. With a little less than a month to go in this year’s campaign we thought we’d encourage willing and able state employees up front to do what they can.

This year’s roster of participating charities includes 27 groups helping with hurricane relief – a nice touch, and an example of the meaningful change the campaign makes happen. We’re big fans of this annual outpouring of giving from state workers often subjected to some ugly political nonsense. And so we’ll say thank you in advance for all that you do.