Editorial: Creating an equal, just world for all

Shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — We must never minimize the focused and distinct requirement to end racism against African Americans.

We must remain driven by that singular goal. But the only way we can truly ensure an equal and just world for African Americans is to create an equal and just world for all. And it seems to us that work is strengthened by being all-inclusive.

Latinx and Native American peoples too, historically and recently, have died at the hands of white people. Immigration laws, anti-Islamic and Asian bigotry and discrimination and white terrorist attacks are all injustices that must end.

We believe we have embarked on historic, foundational, sustainable societal change. This is a movement. It is just wrong we have already politicized Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Justice matters. We are committed to that in ways we never have been before. Let’s take this opportunity to make sure it’s justice for all.