Editorial: Combat Blindness International

Editorial: Combat Blindness International

Sometimes, the most life-changing health improvements are the simplest.

For 35 years Combat Blindness International, headquartered here in Madison and founded by UW ophthalmologist Dr. Suresh Chandra, has been restoring sight to more than 360,000 people in five countries, through simple cataract surgeries performed by volunteer and contracted physicians for $25. The impact on those lives is nearly immeasurable.

This week, CBI announced that a three-year project in Botswana that ended Wednesday had eliminated a backlog of 6,000 cataract blindness cases effectively making the entire country cataract blindness free. Think about that for a minute: an entire nation freed from cataract blindness. There are no 6,000 people who can work, learn, see their grandkids and participate in life.

We’ll have more to say about Combat Blindness International as its anniversary celebration nears this fall. For now, we couldn’t be prouder to be in the same town as this incredible organization.Editorial: Combat Blindness International

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