Editorial: Climate change and food

Editorial: Climate change and food
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Human-caused climate change is harming our clean water supply. It is causing dramatic and violent weather events. It is befouling our air. It is a national security risk and a cause of global political instability. And human-caused climate change is now seen as damaging both the food we eat and the land on which it is grown.

A United Nations special report written by more than 100 scientists finds the impact on we use land as a result of climate change is decreasing the stability of the world’s food supply. It’s also making food more expensive and less nutritious. Remember, virtually all elected Republican lawmakers must pretend science is wrong to protect their jobs. They’re useless. So it is up to us to support farmers and others employing sustainable land management plans, because the good news is if we management the land better we can help with both food production and climate change itself. But we have to start now.

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