Editorial: Checking The Facts

Truth as a campaign issue.
Editorial: Checking The Facts



Who’d of thunk it? The biggest issue to come out of the two nominating conventions for President of the United States is fact-checking. Not who’s telling the truth…that’s long been rather elusive in American politics…but who’s lying. Yet when you think about it, in 2012, is there anything more important then leaders who will not lie to us?

It’s not just presidents of course. It’s members of congress, it’s business industry leaders and radio talkers. And it’s us…citizens. It’s our increasing ability to reject the truth and, if necessary, accept the lie. But now it’s part of how we run elections and you’ll see fact checking everywhere. Here at WISC TV we call it Reality Check. We’ve been doing it for years and it will be a staple of political reporter Jessica Arp’s election coverage. But now that the conventions are over, wouldn’t it be great if both parties starting focusing on the truth? The truth told from the heart with conviction and if necessary courage. What a difference that could make, in fact.