Editorial: Centro Hispano’s essential work is more important than ever

Editorial Agenda Shared Concerns Coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — Centro Hispano’s annual strategic update is typically a joyous and thoughtful gathering of friends and supporters and advocates enjoying breakfast, hearing about the work of this vital community organization and its vision for the future.

Thursday morning we did it digitally. And while the good food and close contact were missed, the message was meaningful and clear. Centro Hispano’s essential work, as incredibly challenging as it is right now, is more important than ever.

But another thought came to mind listening to the heartfelt, smart and informative conversation between Madison365 CEO Henry Sanders and Centro Hispano Executive Director Karen Menendez Coller: Dane County’s Latinx community along with its African American and other communities of color as allies are going to help lead us to recovery and more importantly to be the Dane County that will emerge from this crisis. That is hopeful and we are lucky to have Centro Hispano and a strong and caring Latinx community.