Editorial: Celebrating Paul Terranova’s 20 years of community leadership


MADISON, Wis. — Madison has a wealth of community leaders, and for 20 years Paul Terranova has been among the very best.

Terranova has built what is now the Lussier Community Education Center into an invaluable community resource. He will of course hate that I said “he built,” giving credit to others, especially the families who are what Lussier is all about.

But Terranova’s humble but dedicated leadership, his passionate advocacy for the Lussier community and his deep commitment to capacity building, community organizing and community-driven solutions to social issues have supported and empowered thousands of children, families, neighbors and diverse groups on Madison’s far west side.

He has built partnerships, secured resources and provided services that have strengthened a community and by extension a city. And there’s no other way to say it – he’s just a really good guy. We’re happy to join in celebrating Paul Terranova’s 20th anniversary as Executive Director of Lussier Community Education Center.