Editorial: Bring Light To Suicide

Learn, then act, and save lives.
Editorial: Bring Light To Suicide



Suicide is not shameful. It is not immoral. It is not a dirty secret. Suicide is the number one cause of violent death in Dane County and it is preventable. This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and the local Safe Communities organization is helping to promote awareness with a series of events. You can find them on the website at www.safercommunity.net, but we want to direct your attention to one activity in particular. A number of Safe Communities partners have formed a Suicide Prevention Task Force. That group is offering something called QPR Gatekeeper Training, a series of suicide prevention trainings that are open to the public. One thing you would learn is 90 percent of people who will die by suicide have an illness such as depression. That’s important because depression is a treatable illness.

So, the way to treat depression is first, talk about it. Don’t try to hide it. Same with suicide. Talk about it. Act. Save lives.