Editorial: Bipartisanship In Plain View

Mining Committee seeks fairness and responsibility.
Editorial: Bipartisanship In Plain View




There was a remarkable three days of hearings at the State Capitol last week by the Senate Select Committee on Mining, the committee trying to break the impasse over Wisconsin’s mine permitting policies.

What made it remarkable is perhaps best expressed in the words of committee co-chair, Senator Bob Jauch. After three days of hearings Jauch complimented “every member of the committee for the conduct of the conversation.” Not once in three days did someone use the words Republican of Democrat, Jauch said…adding “this was a conversation not a competition.” No one, Jauch said, was “lobbing grenades to prove who was more right.” And as a result he predicted the bi-partisan committee would come up with recommendation that meet the test of fairness and responsibility.”

It was quite a statement in which fellow committee members Senators Cullen and Schultz concurred. Thanks to Wisconsin Eye you can listen to the remarks yourself. Find a link at newslinks@channel3000.com. We think you’ll find it as hopeful as we did.