Editorial: Bigotry, hate are as unhealthy as the coronavirus

Editorial: Federal Officials Must Prove They Can Put Politics Aside To Help With The Coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — You would think a human health crisis, to say nothing of the amount of sheltering in place and limits on gathering we are all experiencing right now would lead to some noticeable reduction in mean-spiritedness at this time of shared vulnerability.

But it seems like for some keeping our worst instincts under control is not so simple.


The stories of some hate group members thinking of using the coronavirus as a weapon is just sick, although like all disgusting ideas from these people they need to be taken seriously. But the incidents of bias and bigotry being directed at people of Asian decent are sad and wrong and hurtful. If anything this historic crisis is a reminder of our shared humanity, our interconnectedness and our dependence on one another.

As counterintuitive as it seems we should be drawing closer together not further apart. Reject bigotry and hate. They’re as unhealthy as the coronavirus.