Editorial: Badger Rock And Back To School

New charter school, and its home, are game changers.
Editorial: Badger Rock And Back To School



It’s probably more noticeable in a college town like Madison, but early September is an electric time of year. It’s back to school time in every sense of the word. Madison public school students were back in class Tuesday, and while every new school year is full of optimism and excitement, there’s a new player on the public school scene this year and that’s Badger Rock Middle School.

Badger Rock held classes last year, but not in its new home on Badger Road. That Center for Resilient Cities building wasn’t ready for occupancy. It is now. And a tour last week showed just how spectacular it is. Gardens and greenhouses and fish tanks and a restaurant quality commercial kitchen all combine to create a learning space that is hands on and experimental. It’s an urban agriculture charter school, community garden and neighborhood center in one. It may well be the greenest building in the world. And it just may change the way this city thinks about public schools forever.