Editorial: Backpacks For Success

Editorial: Backpacks For Success


We are learning more and more just how important being ready for school is. How kids have to be prepared to learn before they CAN learn. Most of that preparation needs to happen soon after birth. That’s critical. But every child also needs to have the right materials to succeed in school and that’s a struggle for some families.

100 Black Men of Madison has for the last 17 years made equipping children with the tools they need for school an organization priority. Thanks to the generosity of the group’s member and dedicated community partners, more than 22,000 low income kids have gone to school with a new backpack filled with school supplies. This year’s backpack stuffing party is Thursday and the Backpacks for Success picnic is Saturday.

This whole effort is just such a tangible example of ensuring achievement at the front end. It’s a great contribution to the success of our young people.