Editorial: At The Brink…Again

Congress has us back on the fiscal cliff.
Editorial: At The Brink…Again



One of the most frightening realities of modern American politics is the willingness of Congress to play political chicken with the U.S. economy. With the health and well being of millions of citizens at stake Congress regularly marches to the fiscal cliff and waits there threatening to push us off. And it’s doing so again.

A nonpartisan report out last week warned that continued partisan gridlock would throw the country into a recession in 2013 and cost us two million jobs. That’s two million jobs on top of the jobs we don’t have now. The misery this would inflict is unthinkable. Not that your elected representative cares. What is especially galling is that there is a bipartisan deficit reduction plan, Simpson-Bowles, that is an ideal starting point for negotiations. Congress acts like it doesn’t exist.

These are our lives these so-called leaders are playing with folks. If this isn’t an election issue we don’t know what is.