Editorial: An appreciation for Judge Bill Foust service

Judge Foust

MADISON, Wis. — Retired Dane County Circuit Court Judge Bill Foust is dealing with some pretty serious health challenges right now, and we just want to take a minute to let him know a lot of folks are thinking about him and appreciate him.

Foust served as Circuit Judge for almost 20 years, including time as Chief Judge. He served eight years as Dane County District Attorney and was a public defender and in private practice before that.

And during that career he won the respect and affection of prosecutors, defense attorneys, courthouse staff, his colleagues on the bench, reporters and, notably, advocates for victims, especially victims of sexual violence.

On the bench he was fair, he was compassionate, he was smart and he was ethical.

He is, as he lives with this cursed cancer, funny and wise and loving. He made our courts better and made us better. On behalf of so many friends and all of Dane County, thank you Judge Foust.