Editorial Agenda 2019: Manufacturing is cool

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Editorial Agenda 2019: Manufacturing is cool
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When’s the last time you heard a young person say they were going to go into manufacturing?

For many decades, manufacturing was, alongside farming perhaps, the backbone of the American economy. Today it seems as if manufacturing has simply disappeared. Except it hasn’t, especially in Wisconsin. Manufacturing is still creating products and jobs, often in a very 21st-century kind of way. It’s innovative, often entrepreneurial and yes, cool.

The challenge is to get that message out. So the National Association of Manufacturers has unveiled a $10 million initiative aimed at changing public attitudes about manufacturing with examples of manufacturing that is modern with opportunities for upward mobility.

It’s called Creators Wanted, and Wisconsin is one of the targeted states because of its manufacturing base, as well as its focus in the next presidential election. We look forward to this creative approach to growing our economy.

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