Editorial: Again We Mourn

Violence always demands a response.
Editorial: Again We Mourn



As difficult as it is to continually express our grief at the senseless acts of violence that continue to plague our nation, as inadequate as expressing our anger and indignation seems, it would be the height of disrespect in any incident to simply not try. The circumstances of Sunday’s killings at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, an apparent hate crime, in a place of worship, demands that we publically stand with our friends and neighbors in the Sikh community, share their pain and offer our support.

One response is to redouble of efforts to welcome diversity in our lives and educate ourselves about folks from different places and cultures. As we learn more about this case another response may be to better monitor known members of hate groups with records of potentially dangerous behavior. But our first response is simply sadness and the sending of our thoughts to those suffering from this act.