Editorial: A lot of people doing a lot of good work

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — It feels like there’s a lot of ground to cover in these last five editorials I’ll be doing as Editorial Director for WISC. As always there are a lot of people doing a lot of good work.

Our friend Jim Kramer sent me an email with examples of how his Simpson Street Free Press student reporters beat me to the punch with their recognition of the importance of the Dane County parks. No surprise. Simpson Street is the best.

Steve Goldberg’s helping Red Caboose Child Care Center and Movin’ Out affordable housing with a wonderful partnership on a new building project combining accessible housing with affordable child care.

Overture Center for the Arts’ Intermission fundraising campaign is ambitious but needed and so worthy of your support.

And we urge you to start planning now to attend their virtual World Sight Day event on Oct. 8 in support of the life-changing work of the Madison-based Combat Blindness International. That’s a lot. But it’s all good stuff.