Editorial: A governing shutdown

Editorial: A governing shutdown

The federal government is operating. If you consider that a good thing, there you go. There is at least that to be said for the vote to end to the government shutdown.

Other than that, the view from Washington for the last couple of weeks has been disheartening and frustrating and essentially hopeless.

We are literally running out of hope that this is a government that can function as a representative democracy of the people, by the people, for the people. Look no further than the willingness of both parties in Congress to use immigrants as political pawns.

There is far greater interest in proclaiming the opposite side “caved” on the irresponsible showdown than in maintaining any sense of pride in doing one’s job as a public servant.

Don’t be fooled by the truce. It will not last as long as last night’s snow. This is what passes for leadership, for service, for governing today. The government is operating. Now, back to political hypocrisy.

Editorial: A governing shutdown