Editorial: A Generous Cut

JCPenney scores with free haircuts.
Editorial: A Generous Cut



We got a call from a friend recently, former Monona Grove School Board member Kristi Williams who saw something at East Towne she thought we should know about. She said the salon at JCPenney was giving kids free haircuts and she thought that was terrific. And so do we.

Normally perhaps a haircut wouldn’t seem like a big deal. But let’s fact it these are tough times for a lot of families and getting ready to go back to school can be awfully expensive. So a free haircut eases the pain a little and maybe helps a kid and his or her parents feel a little better about themselves. On top of that JCPenney is donating one dollar for every free haircut to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4H. The deal runs through the end of August.

This is the kind of thing you see smaller, locally owned business do. We appreciate JCPenney’s contribution to our community and our kids. And thanks Kristi for bringing it to our attention.