Editorial: A District Plan

We can't afford to wait.
Editorial: A District Plan



Monday’s Madison School Board approval of a budget for the 2012-13 school year was not particularly graceful. And perhaps that’s to be expected with a lame duck Superintendent, a gaping achievement gap with no consensus on how to close it and some serious fiscal restraints. Still, one might have hoped for a little more reason to believe this district has a shared sense of direction. Because we need one.

Obviously it’s time for Superintendent Nerad to move on as he wishes. But we don’t buy the idea that an interim superintendent, or the school board, or other district administrators should do nothing until a new superintendent is hired. There are reasonable arguments on both sides, but for the good of the kids, their families, and the taxpayers we can’t afford to wait. We don’t need a superintendent’s plan or a school board plan…we need a district plan. And we can start on that right now.