Editorial: A body camera policy that works

Editorial: A body camera policy that works

The WISC Editorial Board continues to weigh the benefits and challenges and costs and public policies that make up the decision on whether police officers should wear body cameras.

It is a complicated but very important issue and we’re not going to give up without exploring every option. We ask the same of Madison City Council members, citizens and law enforcement. Let’s keep at this with the expectation that we will get it right.

We find compelling arguments for and against body cameras. As best we can tell communities that are using them are happy with them. There’s evidence of renewed trust. And we appreciate that law enforcement leaders we respect support wearing the gear.

But we also understand the wariness of some citizens and we do not approve of some of the restrictions on use being proposed by elected officials.

We believe Madison can create a body camera policy that works, and we appreciate the commitment to that effort we’re seeing.