Editorial: A Big Goal Met For Overture Center

Overture Center was able to close 2012 fiscal year in the black
Editorial: A Big Goal Met For Overture Center


An Overture Center that even Mayor Soglin feared was in danger of going dark may be shining as brightly as it has since it opened in light of a successful fundraising campaign and enthusiasm generated by new CEO Ted DeDee.

Thanks to more than 1,700 individuals and 56 local companies Overture was able to meet a $2.365 million goal and close the 2012 fiscal year in the black. It’s hard to overstate the importance of that success. First, almost 500 individuals gave for the first time. Second, 167 gifts were of a $1,000 or more. Clearly the community values Overture and wants Jerry Frautschi’s spectacular gift to the city to succeed.

A lot of people worked very hard on this effort and sustained stability will take even more work. But now there is optimism and a foundation to build on. In a lot of ways Overture and State Street’s futures are looking bright indeed.