Editorial: 30 Years Of Gay Civil Rights

A celebration of one of Wisconsin's proudest moments.
Editorial: 30 Years Of Gay Civil Rights



Thirty years ago this year, the State of Wisconsin become the first state in the nation to officially outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in housing, employment and public accommodations. The result of some 15 years of work the bill, authored by State Representative David Clarenbach, ranks among the best of Wisconsin’s contributions to civil rights and human dignity. While such acts of justice and decency are in short supply these days, and certainly not celebrated by the political culture of the day, this milestone deserves recognition. It was a remarkable accomplishment and it paved the way for similar legislation around the country.

Clarenbach will be the keynote speaker at a 30th Anniversary celebration at Quivey’s Grove Thursday evening. Advance registration is required at www.lgbtoutreach.org. We reflect proudly on this moment in our state’s history, and can only hope that one day the civil right of marriage is added to the list.