Editorial: 2020 Spring election – deciding to run

Neil Heinen's Jan. 5 editorial

MADISON, Wis. — This Tuesday is the deadline for filing the paperwork necessary to run for office in the Spring election and we’re hoping a few more folks decide to throw their hats in the ring. In fact we’d love it if a lot more folks did.

County board seats and a number of judgeships are among the always important races to be decided. But we are especially interested in a competitive slate of candidates for the Madison school board. We very much would like as broad an array of thoughts as possible on two important issues, the qualifications of a new superintendent and the parameters of a major borrowing referendum. These decisions will have significant impact on our entire community and thus deserve diversity of input from board candidates of various backgrounds and life experiences.

We know running for office is not a decision to be made lightly. But we encourage anyone interested to seriously consider it… by 5 p-m Tuesday please.