Edgewood College sees increase in positive COVID cases among students

Edgewood College

MADISON, Wis. — Edgewood College is experiencing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases among students.

Administrators believe off-campus activities by a “small fraction of the student population” are behind the increase, according to a release sent by the school.

“There’s every indication that this spike is attributable to violations of our protocols, and the state of Wisconsin protocols, during Labor Day weekend,” Edgewood College President Andrew P. Manion said.

“There is no evidence that anyone has caught the virus in any public space or classroom on our campus.”

The college’s main dining facility is switching to takeout only for the time being. Athletic teams will also stop team activities for the next two weeks, the release said.

Manion mentioned a small number of case violations of COVID protocols on campus, which are being investigated, according to the release. Specifics about the violations were not addressed in the news release.

“We are addressing those cases aggressively,” Manion said. “The outcomes of those processes may result in severe penalties up to and including expulsion.”

Edgewood College shares information about the pandemic’s impact on the campus community at this website.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is also seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases among students. Students living in two of its residence halls are also under a two-week quarantine currently.