Edgerton Public Library uses pedal power

Edgerton Public Library uses pedal power

Standing out among the books and DVDs available to check out at the Edgerton Public Library is a piece of equipment you’d typically find at a gym.

A stationary bike is now part of the library’s materials, but this is no ordinary bike. It’s actually a charging station.

“You can plug in up to eight devices — it can be a phone, laptop, tablet — and then just start pedaling,” said Kirsten Almo, the library director. “The longer and faster you pedal, the more energy is generated.”

Edgerton Public Library is encouraging people to get active while charging their devices. The library bought this bicycle-powered charging station with a mini-grant from St. Mary’s Hospital in Janesville #news3 pic.twitter.com/ZDEuXTawpo

— Jenna Middaugh (@JennaMiddaugh) May 9, 2018

The library was able to buy the bicycle-powered charging station after receiving a mini-grant from St. Mary’s Hospital in Janesville, according to Almo.

“The people that have used it have found they can charge maybe from a half-full cellphone to a fully charged cellphone in about 20 minutes,” Almo said. “So it’s pretty efficient and fun.”

The bike has a desk for people to rest their devices. On that desk is a light-up chart that shows how much power they’re producing while pedaling.Edgerton Public Library uses pedal power

“I’m hoping that connection between exercise and energy and also just to make the library a fun place to come and promote our biking in the area and promote some of our resources here,” Almo said.

She said the library is really promoting biking this summer. There are bike maps for people to check out, and there will be a Bike to the Library event this summer.

Almo said she’s also looking forward to taking the bike to community events so more people can try it out.