Edgerton holiday parade proceeds with added security

EDGERTON, Wis. — It’s been nearly a week since a deadly attack at Waukesha’s Christmas parade, and other communities around the state are taking note for their holiday parades by beefing up security and honoring their victims.

In Edgerton on Saturday night, a tradition that has been going on for about five years returned, with parade-goers lining the streets downtown waiting for their turn to catch a glimpse of one of the 28 participants.

Whether it was a Christmas float or firetruck, people were excited.

And after the past 21 months with the pandemic and last week’s incident in Waukesha, organizers said they want to give people some good this holiday season.

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“After speaking with the local police department there was a thought of increasing security and at this point we decided to continue with and minimize concerns as much as possible for the community,” said parade coordinator Jenny Salvo, “but we hope that this will bring a little joy to our community members.”

In addition to beefing up security, organizers made sure all those participants were comfortable moving forward.