Edgerton fishermen concerned with fish kill

DNR says main factor is hot, dry weather

Edgerton fishermen said they’re concerned with the number of dead fish turning up on the area shoreline.

The hot, dry weather has stripped oxygen from some area lakes, killing thousands of fish, said Brian Buenzow, a wildlife biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

“As the temperature goes up, it holds less oxygen, so that becomes a problem at some point, and we’re reaching that in shallower water,” Buenzow said. “Beckman Mill is a good example of those. It’s really shallow.”

Beckman Mill, near Beloit, is one of three reported fish kills the DNR is investigating.

“The longer we go without rain to recharge those water systems, the more chance there is of (fish kills), and the hotter it is, that makes a difference,” Buenzow said.

But fish kills are common at this time of year, he added.

Fishermen like Jarrodd Frye would welcome rain if it would help him lure in a walleye.

Frye, whose favorite fishing hole is in Indianford Park, near Edgerton, said he’s been casting his line for hours and is mostly coming up empty-handed.

“I’ve caught a lot of big walleye out here,” Frye said. This year it hasn’t been so good.”

“A lot of people haven’t gotten them, which is really surprising,” he added. “But, with the water being low and the temperatures being high, it turns (walleye) off for some reason.”

The DNR is asking people to keep an eye on area shorelines and call the DNR tip line if they spot a potential fish kill.