Edgerton family who lost their home on 4th of July surprised with finished home before Christmas

Edgerton family who lost their home on 4th of July surprised with finished home before Christmas

The Rock County family who lost their home to a fire on the fourth of July was surprised with a finished home on Friday.

Edgerton Chief Randall Pickering said he still remembers the night the fire destroyed the home.

“It’s just one of those images because of the size and the amount of fire,” he said. “Just the emotion that was going on when we pulled up.”

Two people driving by were able to spot the fire, which started shortly after midnight, and alert others who helped the family to safety.

During the days after, the Boeche family was able to get an idea of the loss they had suffered. Contractors estimated it could be six to 12 months before their home was livable again.

“When I talked to the homeowner that first morning and he told me what had happened, I was like, boy, you’re lucky you got out,” said Michael Murphy, superintendent of Engineered Construction.

Murphy said after construction was cleared to begin in September, he began to think the project could move faster than he originally thought.

“I started plugging the numbers in with all the contractors involved, there was a real possibility if everything went like a military operation, we could get this done by Christmas,” he said.

On Friday Murphy, Pickering, and others surprised the Boeche family with their home, which had been completed and approved by inspectors.

“It feels wonderful. We can start living life again,” said Stephanie Boeche. “We were planning on not having Christmas here, but now we could.”

Boeche said the neighborhood and the rest of the Edgerton community has helped her family since July.

“Thank you to everyone that’s reached out to us in any capacity at all,” she said. “We’ve had so much kindness from neighbors.”

“There are so many angels out there,” said Pickering. “This time of year, it’s kind of a great time to realize we live in a pretty special world.”

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