EatStreet launches expansion with food pantry donation tour

Statewide growth of company to create 300 jobs
EatStreet launches expansion with food pantry donation tour
Sharon Vanorny
Matt Howard is co-founder and CEO of EatStreet.

EatStreet announced today that the food ordering and delivery company will expand statewide to Green Bay, Appleton, Eau Claire, La Crosse and Milwaukee suburbs, which is expected to create 300 new jobs in Wisconsin.

To celebrate this expansion, the Madison-based company is embarking on a food pantry donation tour to deliver food, $20,000 in donations and volunteer efforts to food pantries across Wisconsin in locations where EatStreet will soon launch its delivery service. “Giving back to our local communities has been a big part of EatStreet’s mission since the early days,” says Matt Howard, CEO and co-founder of EatStreet. “As we grow and expand EatStreet delivery services to other cities throughout our home state, we want to support the great organizations and people working to feed our neighbors.”

In a custom double-decker bus, the EatStreet staff will head out on the “Haulin’ Ass for Hunger Tour” to visit food pantries that help feed more than 600,000 Wisconsinites who struggle with hunger, according to Feed America. The bus tour will launch in Madison at a kick-off event at the EatStreet headquarters on West Washington Avenue, with the first donation going to Goodman Community Center’s Fritz Food Pantry. EatStreet has been the center’s biggest repeat donor.

In less than seven years, EatStreet, co-founded in Madison by Howard has grown to the largest such site in the country. The restaurant food delivery mobile service currently delivers in 250 cities nationwide, including Madison, Milwaukee and Oshkosh. The privately held company founded by three college students in 2010 employs 1,500 and works with 15,000 restaurants. This expansion is confirmation that the company will always have a focus on serving its home state, according to an EatStreet news release.

Howard was a recipient of Madison Magazine’s 2017 Best of Madison Business Award. “With seemingly limitless growth potential,” writes editorial director Neil Heinen in the 2017 article announcing the award, “EatStreet is one of the bigger success stories that will someday be viewed as the beginning of Madison’s position in the new global economy. And Howard’s commitment to keeping the business here is widely viewed in the entrepreneurial startup world as a key indicator of Madison’s ability to retain home-grown talent.”